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Flevocom Ltd

Bringing the Best Coffee Products to You

Let us help keep your business one step ahead of the coffee grinding industry. At FLEVOCOM, we make the finest raw products within your easy reach.

We are resellers and middlemen for manufactured products and services between the United Kingdom and Europe, and the D.R.C. and Rwanda. Our products include choice coffee beans and rubber plant grown on rich Central and East African soil.

We offer these in-demand commodities at affordable prices. Additionally, thanks to our extensive knowledge in the business, we ensure that all our products are of superior quality. We give utmost value to societal health and wellbeing as well as the observance of environmentally responsible processes.

Mission and Vision Statement

We go the extra mile to open up markets between the U.K. and Europe, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda.

We understand the rigors sometimes involved in attempting to get a foot in the door. In the D.R.C., the potential consumer market is the same size as the market in Germany. Our services provide ease of entry, well into settlement and possible expansion into other African markets.

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